“Thank you so much for guiding us on this journey! It is wonderful for my daughter to have found some fitness that she truly enjoys and intends to practice “all her life!” It definitely helps the pain in her back which feels so much better and I honestly believe is looking better as well. We are loving yoga and are always amazed at how awesome we feel after class! I am just beginning to understand (through readings) the connections between body and breathing and mind and spirit… and understanding what happens sometime in class with the emotions — and feel it is all so good and fascinating. I am very thankful that my daughter wanted to try yoga and that I went along with her and that we “happened” to pick your classes! 🙂 Many, many thanks for so much — that you don’t/can’t even realize — but should know that it is making a big difference in our lives and we thank you for passing on your knowledge and for the example that you are in many ways. We see a balance and a kindness and a calmness with you and appreciate all the teaching and encouraging you do about our bodies and safe poses, as well as the words that tell us to accept ourselves and where we are, and the bits of wisdom you pass on that stay with us. Thank you~ anonymous”

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