“Before I began practising with Tessa one year ago, I had viewed yoga as a stress relieving, body strengthening part of my weekly routine. In the year since, I have embraced my practise as a way of life. Tessa’s classes challenged my body while it strengthened my acceptance of my physical and spiritual self. My body feels healthier and stronger than ever, resulting in the first year I haven’t made a chiropractic appointment in over ten years. Tessa’s classes are the only ones where I have felt such a strong connection to the teacher. Her dedication to her students shines through in every class. I adore her for taking the time to get to know each student and learning when to challenge us to push harder or when to step back and accept our limits as they change daily. Her knowledge shines through as she guides us into proper alignment and posture in our poses. Tessa’s energy and spirit is contagious and I was honoured to attend her retreat in Nicaragua. This was one of the best experiences I have ever gifted to myself. I highly recommend anyone who wants to embrace themselves in all aspects of yoga, acceptance, fun, beauty, peace and if you want it, a great all-over-your-body-but-kick to join her next retreat. You will forever thank yourself. ~ Deanna”

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