Yoga Classes

Chair Yoga 
With the emphasis on the breath combined with gentle postures students will experience the many benefits of yoga: calmer, more focused mind, increased flexibility, better balance, strengthened muscles and nervous system.

Gentle Yoga 
Suitable for students comfortable with balance, and getting up and down to the floor smoothly. We will work on a variety of yoga exercises, to create a balance between strength and flexibility, and with confidence so you can practice at home safely.

Tessa Rae Yoga Level 1
Learn pranayama, yoga philosophy, and gentle exercises to strengthen and stretch the body. Safely stabilize the shoulder and pelvic girdle, reduce back and neck pain, stress in the body and mind. A safe environment to heal and prevent further injury.

Raja Yoga
An average of 90 mins of challenging asana. We are currently focusing of the 8 limbs of Raja Yoga and Yamas/Niyamas. Learn how to build a pranayama or asana home practice here, as well as experience yoga nidra, chanting, and meditation.



11:30am-12:30pm Chair Yoga Gordon Head Rec
5:30-6:30pm Tessa Rae Yoga  Pearkes Rec Centre


3:00-4:00pm Gentle Yoga Cordova Bay 55+
5:15-6:30 Tessa Rae Yoga  Gordon Head Rec


11:00-12:00 Chair yoga Gordon Head Rec

3:30-4:30 John Stubbs School (breaks for summer) 

5:45-7 Arbutus School Field *drop in by notice only, contact me:)


11:30am-12:30pm Gentle Yoga Pearkes Rec Centre
5:15-6:30pm Tessa Rae Yoga Level 1 Gordon Head Rec
7:15-8:15pm Gentle Hatha Yoga Cordova Bay 55+


10-12 Raja Yoga Gordon Head Rec
4:-5:15pm Tessa Rae Yoga Level 1 Gordon Head Rec


Private sessions

Available at $70 an hour or prepay for 3 sessions for $195.
Addition to fee for commute or multiple students.