Thursday-today-5:30 yoga

The forecast is not in our favor, so no go for today. Enjoy your night off, perhaps think of one or two poses you really enjoy and count 20 breaths in each…alternatively view my shoulder video on my site or visit for unlimited free guided yoga videos! Chelsey is also teaching tonight at 7 at the fernwood studio (MY studio) for $5!! See you Tuesday!!

One thought on “Thursday-today-5:30 yoga

  1. Tessa – thanks for letting me know about the cancellation early. We are are having our old cement driveway and path removed (drive is completely full of gravel and rubble) and replaced by paving stones. A new perimeter drain had to be installed when the birch tree roots were found inside the drain pipe – no space just roots! So a Saanich inspector is on his way and things are a bit chaotic. See you next week.

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